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Patterned industrial benches are a combination of tradition and modernity

If you value order and minimalism at home, you certainly know what the loft style is. Sometimes referred to as the industrial interior design style, it is based on furniture and accessories made of steel, or steel with the addition of wood. The form aims at mathematical figures and solids, and the finished furniture is durable, strong and practical. The decor in the loft spirit is becoming more and more popular in houses and in modern residential construction, which is why we have also created a rich line of industrial benches.

Industrial benches have more or less 200 years of tradition. Together with the entire loft style, they were created when the industrial revolution in Great Britain and the USA consumed all living space. Tiny apartments required less grand and more functional furniture, and so hand-made, often improvised chairs, beds or benches were born. The contemporary loft style has nothing to do with improvisation, but all with solidity, usefulness and beauty that black steel hides.

Among our hand-made benches for the hall or the living room, industrial models are extremely popular. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have added an admixture of tradition, modernity and even vintage to the traditional loft style. This is how patterned industrial benches with soft and very comfortable seats were created.

To create the best hall bench, you need the best materials

Without steel, there would be no loft furniture. And without the best Polish carbon steel, our benches would not exist. The structure, and sometimes also the legs separately, are made of black steel. From it, bars and profiles with a thickness of 2 millimeters are made. The profiles are carefully welded and then thoroughly ground. The idea is that there are no sharp edges and that every hole should be plugged. Only now the seat can be mounted on the steel structure of the bench.

Since the steel frame is so carefully made, the seat of the bench will surely match its quality. And actually. Upholstery foam is laid on a thick furniture board. Only its appropriate density ensures comfort while sitting and the correct shape of the bench for many years. If you put a fabric on the foam right away, the seat would sink deeply and soon it would start dusting. That is why we use a layer of hypoallergenic and dense wadding: for health and practical reasons, because now the seat gains better elasticity.

Each element of the new bench is perfectly matched? Well, you can take care of the upholstery fabric. All benches are designed and made in accordance with the wishes of our customers, so the choice of material is also up to you. Now you know that the mix of a loft frame and a modern seat looks beautiful and promises a very, very comfortable rest.

You have millions of possibilities from which we will create your perfect loft bench

The steel construction of our benches makes them called loft or industrial benches. But this well-thought-out austerity of workmanship also fits into other finishing styles. The benches in this series match the house decorated in a Scandinavian or modern spirit, and some of the benches perfectly match the vintage style. Ultimately, you choose the model that will decorate your living room, hallway or bedroom. It is worth adding here that our customers put our benches in the office, waiting room, office, law firm or boutique.

It also depends on you what the seat of the bench will look like. The series of patterned benches offers a huge variety of patterns and designs. From repetitive geometric figures, through Moroccan clover, to floral and abstract motifs. In addition, you can choose the type of material. We have smooth and suede, shiny and matte. In total, almost 100 possibilities to choose from. The materials are safe for health and have a very high abrasion resistance.

It's your bench, so it's up to you how it will look like. Do you prefer the steel frame to be black or white? How wide should it be? You can choose from a range of 45 to 160 centimeters. And the depth? What will be the best in your home? You decide.


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