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Benches with panels - the latest trend in the art of home decoration

Looking for a way to beautify your home? Are you wondering how to distinguish the interior of the living room, bedroom or hall? We have the perfect solution - benches with panels. The idea taken from the aristocratic mansions can already come to you. What distinguishes our hall bench with a panel?

In fact, everything, but let's start with the panel, which is the most eye-catching distinguishing feature. The panel of our upholstered bench is a kind of backrest and decoration at the same time. It fits perfectly with vintage, glamor or art deco interiors. The panel of the quilted bench is very easy to attach to the wall. If you place it above the seat, it will become a charming backrest for tired and comfort-seeking backs. But there are much more possibilities.

The quilted panel can also be placed behind the bed, thanks to which it will become a very attractive headboard. It can also be an independent wall decoration, and that's what a glamor or vintage style living room is all about. The unique decoration remains primarily a part of the original, handmade upholstered bench. And the fact that a wall panel for a bench is really a rarity will be an added bonus for you.

Benches with wall panels are made of the best materials

The backrest for the bench, the panel of the upholstered bench is made of the same best materials from which we make the bench. The base is a strong furniture float on which we place high-density upholstery foam. Thanks to this, our decorative benches and their panels are resilient, comfortable, and retain their shape and qualities for up to 10 years.

The next layer on the bench base is wadding. It is a hypoallergenic layer with a thickness of 1 centimeter, which additionally improves the elasticity of the panel or seat of the bench, but also gives it an almost final shape. Because the culmination of the project is the highest quality fabric or ecological leather. Our craftsmen use only certified fabrics for upholstery, which are quilted at the end. Black or crystal buttons allow you to obtain characteristic rhombuses on the quilted surface, and they also look beautiful. It is thanks to them that our upholstered benches gain their luxurious, truly courtly appearance.

A bench with a panel upholstered in fabric or ecological leather? You decide!

A bench panel, i.e. an upholstered and quilted backrest, is an addition to hand-made benches. Each project was created by the owner, who has been creating unique benches for several years. Our benches are the decoration of many living rooms, corridors or dining rooms not only because of their appearance. They are also distinguished by the way they are made and the quality of the materials used.

Our manufactory uses high-quality carbon steel, from which thick profiles are made. It is from them that we create the skeleton of loft benches. To create wooden benches, we use first-class beech wood, which in terms of durability exceeds even oak. We pay attention to all the details: to careful and carefully ground welds, to perfect gatherings, to precise quilting.

The end result is an upholstered bench. Our products look great inside a luxurious living room and in a cramped hallway. They successfully work as benches for the office, benches for the office or benches for the waiting room. And that's why we strive to ensure that their material survives all challenges. The fabrics we use are abrasion resistant. It is assumed that good quality fabrics must guarantee at least 10,000 cycles (that is how many times they can be used). Our fabrics for the production of benches have at least 40,000 cycles, and some over 100,000.

All fabrics used for the production of benches and panels are safe for health and hypoallergenic, all have the Oeko-Tex certificate confirming their neutral impact on the environment. Depending on your decision, a bench and a panel made of fabric resistant to dirt, splashes, non-flammable and tear-resistant fabric are made for you.

Each bench is made according to your wishes and orders. It is our client who decides on the type of fabric, its color, the shape and color of the legs, the type of buttons for upholstery, as well as the size of the seat. Now you also decide on the size of the panel for the bench. Its width is always adapted to the width of the seat of the bench, while the height can be from 30 centimeters to even 2 meters. No one will overlook such a unique decoration of your home.

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