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Why is an industrial quilted bench a perfect purchase for practical people?

Are you looking for an idea to beautify the corridor, hall or living room? Do you want to make putting on and taking off shoes more pleasant for yourself, your family and guests? Then think about a bench for the hall. A beautiful and comfortable bench with a quilted seat can become the subject of interesting conversations at the doorstep of the house, and it will certainly be a blessing for your legs and back. Your home will become a more pleasant place with an industrial quilted bench.

The popularity of industrial-style benches is growing every year. This style of interior decoration best combines elegant simplicity with the solidity and utility of furniture. And no wonder - after all, it was created in times of the greatest demand for square meters of housing.

When the revolution was raging - fortunately the industrial one - there was a shortage of housing for new employees. And the current housing was becoming too cramped for the incoming workforce. That is why factory owners began to create simple furniture made of steel – a raw material that was abundant in more and more factories. Industrial style, because it is associated with industry, with the industrial revolution. Its other name is the loft style, because even attics and attics began to change into flats filled slowly with steel furniture. The English "loft" means "attic".

In the most traditional sense, loft furniture is made of steel and wood. We decided to expand the choice of materials and this is how our industrial benches with upholstered quilted seats were created. Beautiful, strong, practical and comfortable.

The best industrial bench made of only the best materials

The bench is a decorative element and at the same time used for relaxation - no wonder that the seat is the most important. But the loft style owes its attitude to steel, so it's worth spending a moment on it. Our benches are made of Polish, high-quality carbon steel. Both bars and profiles are made of it. The rods make legs in some models of benches, and in others they change into shelves for shoes and slippers.

Before the bench is placed on the steel structure, there are still a few stages to go. First, welding and plugging all holes. Then filing the welds and checking if they are strong. Now it's time for sandblasting, thanks to which the steel gains the desired smoothness. And finally, powder coating in white or black.

We chose the best materials to create the seat for our industrial bench. Its base is a furniture float of appropriate thickness - stronger than in ordinary benches. We cut the upholstery foam to the tide size. The secret of the comfort that our loft bench guarantees is the appropriate density of the foam. Then wadding - its hypoallergenic properties help to take care of health and cleanliness in your home, and its elastic properties give the bench shape and elasticity.

Our loft quilted bench is made according to your wishes

Where will your new industrial quilted bench look best? In fact, it will delight with its appearance everywhere. As a bench for the hall, a bench for the living room or a bench for the bedroom, but also as a bench for a boutique, office, office or waiting room. Of course, a lot depends on what upholstery fabric you choose, and the choice is huge.

Among over 100 fabrics we have colorful and shades of gray. There are shiny, matte, smooth and pile fabrics. We also offer several colors of ecological leather. All fabrics guarantee the highest durability and abrasion resistance (at least 40,000 cycles). Stain-resistant, tear-resistant and flame-resistant materials are also available. The materials we use for the production of our benches are safe for health and the environment, as evidenced by the Oeko-Tex certificate.

Which fabric is best to choose? We leave this choice to you. Our benches are made according to your order, so you decide everything. The choice of fabric and color of the metal frame is up to you. Similarly, you decide on the dimensions of your new bench: width, depth and - in some models - even its height.

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