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It is said that the point of view depends on the point of sitting. Before you is the shortest story about the fact that it really is. are you sitting comfortably? I hope so, although life is different...

7 years ago Kamila was sitting in front of a computer screen. In a moment, tomorrow she will become a young engineer at the design department. He just has to finish the wardrobe design. Hours passed, the clock showed midnight, and the end of the work was still not in sight. Because how to work here, if everything hurts from sitting! Even from looking at the chair! One too deep and one too soft. To hell with that job!

After a while someone brought in aromatic tea in her favorite mug. The first chair bounced off the wall with all his might, followed by the second. And when it seemed that the cup of tea would break on the floor, Kamila carefully reached for it and began to drink it: slowly, with pleasure. It was evident that each sip brought a little peace.

She put her cup down, looked at both chairs with pain in her eyes and distaste, then launched a new project on her computer. With real passion, she drew arcs and straight lines, mixed colors, played with light and shadow, until after several dozen minutes a three-dimensional model of a quilted bench slowly rotated on the monitor. Paradoxically, he stood up.

And it was already known what would become the subject of the practical part of the exam. And how do I know that? I was there too, bringing fragrant tea and catching Kamila when she forgot that there was no armchair under her anymore.

This was the beginning of the family company Bench4Home, which produces beautiful, but above all, fabulously comfortable benches by hand. My name is Łukasz, privately I am married to an engineer from the design department, and professionally I make sure that your call or e-mail is always the most important. Kamila is still designing every bench model available in our online store and makes what is impossible today, tomorrow a courier will deliver it to you.

Our craftsmen are almost like a family: Janusz, Olek and Bogdan use pieces of metal, wood and fabric to create furniture so beautiful that many kings would envy them. They are artists who understand the uniqueness of handmade benches, each of which is unique. Unique.

Second Olek makes sure that our benches are packed on time and perfectly secured in transport. In fact, it is him who deserves thanks from our Polish and foreign clients, because all deadlines and obligations are on his head.

You can read about the highest quality of wood, steel or fabrics under the photo of the bench that you like the most. And there is a lot to choose from, because over 40 unusual projects in various styles and colors have already been created. But in the end, it's you who decides about the colors, dimensions, shapes or types of fabrics, and this adds up to over a million combinations. Do you already know which bench will decorate your living room or corridor?

When you make an important decision, do it calmly, sitting comfortably on your favorite bench. Because remember - we have already checked for you that the point of view depends on the point of sitting.

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