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Wood and metal, i.e. loft-style benches

If you value beauty expressed through minimalism and simplicity, you will surely find something for yourself among benches made of wood and metal. The most basic materials in the hands of craftsmen have allowed us to create some of the most beautiful benches in our offer. The natural gifts of the earth are the attributes of one of the most interesting styles in home decoration - the loft style.

What is it and how did this style come about? It was born of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. The dynamic development of factories in England and America forced the need for more and more employees. However, unsuitable for this city, they were not able to accommodate new manufacturers. Flats became smaller and smaller, and new ones were built in attics and attics. That's where the name comes from.

And why are our benches made of wood and metal called loft? Because small apartments from 200 years ago required replacing existing furniture with something durable, functional and easily accessible. Steel and wood were perfect for this, and the hangers, tables and benches that were created in a hurry were distinguished by their functionality and appearance. We also create today's loft benches by hand, but we use the best available materials, proven professionals and the most interesting design.

We create wooden and metal benches from the best materials

Before an industrial-style bench is created - and this is another name for loft furniture - a project must be created. All the wooden and metal benches you see here were designed by the owner of the company, which has been specializing in finding interesting patterns for many years. Then the design goes to our craftsmen who turn the drawings into a finished work of industrial art. But first we need the most important thing - your order. All our benches are made according to your wishes.

What is most striking about benches made of wood and metal is the metal structure. It is made of Polish carbon steel. 2 millimeter thick steel bars and profiles ensure absolute stability and durability. The steel is welded and all holes are plugged. Then we file the welds so that they look perfect and do not leave sharp edges. Then it is necessary to sandblast, i.e. smooth the rough surface of the steel. And only now does the powder coating process begin.

The seat is made of solid, thick beech boards. We chose this species of Polish tree because it provides greater durability and strength than other species, even than oak. The visual qualities of the wooden seat are also of great importance, which is why we only use uniform and healthy boards.

The whole consists of a loft bench. If you are the owner of a loft or a supporter of functional furniture, you know very well that you can equip a whole house or apartment with such beautiful furniture. And if you are looking for an interesting bench for the hall, a bench for the living room, a bench for the corridor or for the bedroom, then the loft style goes well with modern and Scandinavian.

Personalized industrial bench - choose the shape, color and dimensions of the bench

Our store's offer includes industrial benches made of metal and wood with many different designs. Classic legs, crossed or bent into various shapes, as well as structures with metal shelves for shoes and slippers, which are perfect as benches for the hallway, corridor or waiting room benches. It's up to you which bench you choose for yourself.

Also choose the color of the metal elements - your new bench can be white or black. The width of the bench also depends on your decision - in your hallway there may be a bench 45 centimeters wide to even 160 centimeters wide. Also, the depth of the bench depends on you, and we can prepare a bench 30, 35 or 40 centimeters deep. Some models also allow you to change the height. The new bench in your home will be exactly what you dream about.

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